"Ya Allah, aku berlindung denganMu daripada kegelisahan dan kesedihan, dan aku berlindung dengan-Mu daripada sifat lemah dan malas, dan aku berlindung dengan-Mu dari sifat penakut dan bakhil, dan aku berlindung dengan-Mu daripada bebanan hutang dan penindasan manusia."

Saturday, March 9

Of 2013

Started my new year with media coverage for Sew Fabby by Kosmo newspaper. 

Do I still have readers here? So sorry, basically I have nothing much to share lately. I don't really watch news anymore, except for the latest incident in Sabah (may Allah protect our heroes, amin..), I didn't have time to do any blog hopping either. My life is all about sewing, settling the house thingy, and attending bazaars. Boring much? :)

We went to Cambodia last December, to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. 
Yes, I still travel even though not as much as before.

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Asyik Izas said...

selalu jumpa Azzah kalau pg event..tp nk tegur segan..hihi..just tgk2 jea..;)


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